Stressed-out mum says Jetsar wouldn’t let them fly home because of her toddler’s tantrum

They were left stranded and forced to pay for extra flights.

Two Aussie families have been forced to foot the bill for extra nights away after Jetstar refused to let them board their return flights home.

Laura Kimber and her partner Jae did everything they could to get their cranky two-year-old toddler to behave on the landing in Hamilton island ten days earlier.

‘He was overtired and cranky, I was wrestling him, I did everything I could,’ mum Laura told Kidspot

‘I thought the staff mustn’t have children because everyone with a child, knows the ‘terrible twos’ is a real thing.’

The couple were traveling with their twins boys, along with another family who had a young daughter.

‘I was told by a crew member to get him off the floor because the plane was landing and if I didn’t they would have to circle the plane because of me,’ she explains.

Once they had landed, dad Jae was approached by a baggage handler who ominously warned him that a report had been made and they may be refused their flight home.

They thought nothing more of it while they enjoyed their holiday until they checked in and tried to board their flight home ten days later.

Laura recalls their bags being taken off the flight and the group being told they couldn’t fly for 24 hours because they became argumentative.

‘How would they like us to react? They just banned us from flying because of a two-year-old, we have to get back to work – this was Wednesday and they weren’t letting us on a flight until Friday,’ says Laura.

They were offered a refund for the flight, which Laura says has only been partially paid, and due to having to book extra accommodation and flights the couple is now out over $5000.

Jetstar told Kidspot they consider the matter resolved, and that the family have been informed that they’re now cleared to fly.

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