Stranger saves woman from UNWANTED male attention

Girl power!

Ladies, have you encountered an interested fella who just wouldn’t let up on a drink, date or sneaky kiss no matter how many times you said no?!

Then you’ll love the story journalist Amna Saleem shared on Twitter. 

Minding her own business, she was reading a book when a persistent chap kept offering her ‘just one drink’. 

Despite politely saying no, he just wouldn’t give up, until a concerned woman pretending to be her friend came over and gave her a hug. 

‘You ok?’ she whispered. 

‘Women are great,’ Amna wrote in response to the stranger’s smart thinking. 

Her tweet has since gone viral, with women replying in droves with their own rescue stories.

One user replied: ‘Some dude was bothering this lady once on the train and she was alone so my brother pretended to be her husband and the guy left. 10 years later he is her husband.’

Now that’s amazing!

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