NSW man denies murdering his teen bride

Her body was found buried in a shallow grave.

A New South Wales court has heard that a bouncer accused of murdering his wife ticked a ‘no’ box on a form when asked if she was still living.

Shellharbour man Steve Fesus is currently on trial for the murder of his wife, Jodie Fesus in August 1997, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Mr Fesus is accused of burying the body of his 18-year-old wife in a shallow grave in Seven Mile Beach. Mr Fesus claims his wife was strangled by a security guard and has pleaded not guilty.

The NSW court heard that Mr Fesus was filling out a pension application form on August 25, less than a month after his wife disappeared.

Crown Prosecutor Greg Smith said a public servant had asked Mr Fesus: “Is the other parent still living?”

“[The public servant said] the accused ticked the ‘no’ box indicating the other parent was deceased and when [the public servant] questioned him the accused said ‘oh’ and then ticked the yes box,” Mr Smith said.

“At this point the accused became flustered and didn’t know what to do next.”

According to, a jury also heard that Mr Fesus had told friends Ms Fesus had gone missing, and two days later, spoke about donating her clothes to charity.

“His intention to give her clothes away within two days indicates he knew she would not be returning or would not need her clothes or other belongings,” Mr Smith said.

The crown prosecutor told the court that Mr Fesus’s marriage was unhappy and violent at times, ABC reports. 

The jury heard that the pair has a loud argument on August 11, 1997. The incident marked the last day Ms Fesus was seen alive by anyone but her husband.

The trial continues.

This article first published on Marie Claire.

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