Stan Walker reveals he had surgery after cancer scare

'The most vulnerable time of my life.'

Former Australian Idol winner Stan Walker has announced that he is going to address his recent health concerns in a feature-length documentary, titled ‘Stan.’ 

The 27-year-old singer has released a very emotional trailer for the documentary, which touches on his cancer scare. 

Walker is seen crying as he’s wheeled into surgery, saying: ‘What if I can’t sing again? This is my bread and butter.’

The New Zealand native captioned the emotional video, ‘The biggest thing I think I’ve ever had to share with the world. Thank you @threenewzealand for letting me do this the way I want to & allowing me to document probably the most vulnerable time of my life. Kia ora ✊🏾’

Walker was forced to respond to fans when an image of himself looking incredible gaunt made headlines across Australian and New Zealand. 

stan walker

The young singer is believed to have a rare condition that can cause cancer, due to a mutation in the CDH1 gene. 

The New Zealand Herald reported last month that it believes Stan has ‘had his stomach removed’ due to the condition. 

The documentary will air in March. 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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