‘Spirit’ terrifies paranormal investigator

Claims it needs his soul.

A paranormal investigator was terrified by a ‘spirit’ on the Stocksbridge Bypass in England, last week. 

Phil Sinclair was conducting a paranormal investigation on “Britain’s most haunted road”, when he ‘made contact’ with the spirit.

In a 15 minute video published on his YouTube channel, the spirit can be heard saying it needs his soul. 

Sinclair later took to Twitter, describing his experience as the “most terrifying investigation yet”.

(Credit: Twitter)

The Stocksbridge Bypass that links Sheffield and Manchester has a long history of deaths caused by poor driving.

Previous sightings of children and a monk on the bypass have also been reported.

Sinclair used Ovilus, a device for converting electromagnetic forces to language, to ‘speak’ with the spirits.

The video shows Sinclair visibly shaken, after seeing a man pass behind him. 

Overlaid with dramatic music the footage also shows the spirit telling Sinclair to “get out”.

In the video description, Sinclair wrote, “ I can’t help to think I was dealing with an Evil presence which ultimately told me to ‘Get Out’.

I literally struggle to find the words to describe what I witnessed during this investigation. I will be left with an image I will never forget.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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