Kids as young as 12 are firing rifles in South Australia

A good lesson about safety and respect? Or just plain dangerous?
Christie Richwalski / EyeEm

Would you put a gun in the hands of your 12-year-old? A gun range in South Australia is doing just that and copping loads for it on social media.

Owner of The Gunnery, Peter, told Seven News that children are “never too young to be educated about guns and the safety and the use of them,”

“Every minor MUST have a parent with them at all times. Ultimately it is the parent’s/guardians choice if the child can shoot or not. We do limit the calibre on the guns minors can shoot.”

Under Australian law, children as young as 10 are allowed to hold a minors licence which allows them to shoot at a gun range under the direct supervision of an adult. Owning a gun or ammunition is restricted until they are 18-years-old.

Samantha Lee, of Gun Control Australia, criticising the range on Sunrise as ‘trying to normalise gun culture here in Australia’.

Peter insists that is not the case. Citing his own 12-year-old daughter’s keen interest in the sport.

“[Shooting] was a choice she made after watching me shoot in competition and after consideration we allowed her to try it and she enjoyed it so much that it’s her chosen sport, ’ he says.

“She has a very bright future in competition shooting and already is rising through the ranks in SA for IPSC,” he said.

Peter’s business has been approved by the council, and he follows right regulations to ensure the safety of his customers. But is it enough to ease the consciences of concerned parents?

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