Here’s what Sophia Grace and Rosie look like now

They're so grown-up! -

 They shot to fame as the sweet, innocent – and often inadvertently hilarious – little girls who made regular cameos on the Ellen Degeneres Show in 2011.

But where are Sophia Grace and Rosie now?

Six years later, Sophia Grace has 962k followers on Instagram, with her bio stating that she is now 14 and to direct all queries to her publicist.

With photo’s showing the tween living a life of luxury on horseback, travelling the world and on stage getting photos with fans, it’s clear she’s on her way to Hollywood.

In fact, she’s even set to appear as a judge on ABC’s upcoming show The Toy Box, and she’s released an EP titled ‘Hollywood’

Meanwhile, Rosie – now 10, and the quieter of the two cheeky British girls, has 359K Instagram followers, with her bio reading: “Account controlled by Rosie’s mom…”

“So I’ve been working real hard on my school work. My teachers are very happy with me. I got my handwriting license as well… Also, I took my prep test in piano and I passed and I’m very excited about that,” she said in a YouTube video posted in March.

“I spend time every single day on my bars and my beam but my most exciting news right now is that I’ve got my first solo in my singing class at stage school and I’m really excited and really nervous at the same time,”

This article first published on New Idea.

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