Skeptics claim video of twin saving his brother from falling dresser is a hoax

Astonishing video raises a few questions.
Kayli Shoff

In the latest bizarre conspiracy theory to sweep the Internet, some skeptics are suggesting that the viral video that shows a toddler’s heroic rescue of his twin could be too good to be true.

Twin brothers, Brock and Bowdy Shoff were playing together when the dresser they climbed onto fell, trapping the brothers underneath. Bowdy freed himself and in an incredible moment, proceeded to push the dresser off Brock.

The footage was posted to their mother, Kayli’s, Youtube account and has reached over 10 million views since. While many are praising the toddler’s strength, others are labelling the whole video as fake.

Critics have said the position of the camera, lack of parents in the video, empty drawers and the fact that the father works for the camera company on which this video was recorded is too convenient.

One comment read ‘HOAX! Come on people, nothing in the drawers! Dad works for Camp company. Cam facing wrong direction! No one comes right away! FRAUD. 15 minutes of fame.’ Others have questioned where the parents were and why no one heard the dresser fall.

But most have thanked the parents for sharing the video and raising awareness of child safety.

This article was originally published on New Idea.

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