Shocking video shows teen plummet 7.5m from theme park ride

The crowd gathered below to catch her.

A 14-year-old girl has had a lucky escape after falling nearly 8 meters from a ride at New York’s Six Flags amusement park.

The unidentified teen was riding on the ‘Sky Ride’ gondola attraction at Six Flags when she somehow slipped and ended up hanging from the ride, 7.5m from the ground.

A crowd gathered beneath her, some clearing branches, and others waiting with their arms outstretched.

She eventually let go of the ride and fell into the crowd, striking a branch on the way down. She was then rushed into a cart for medical attention.

In a statement issued by the park they say the ride has been closed until a ‘thorough review can be completed” and that there were no signs of malfunction in the ride, report News Corp.  

The girl miraculously escaped without any serious injuries, report the Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

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