Shocking Ninja Warrior ‘drug cheat’ news

The production company has confirmed it.

It’s no secret you have to be in peak physical condition to compete in Australian Ninja Warrior.    

But it may come as a surprise to learn that contestants are not screened for performance-enhancing drugs prior to running the gauntlet.

“All competitors on Australian Ninja Warrior are subject to thorough assessment prior to taking part, but no drug testing is conducted,” a spokesperson for the production company behind the hit show told 

Many are up in arms at the revelation, fearing that this leaves the door open for steroid users to be given an unfair advantage against athletes who have trained for years.

In an online discussion thread, a person who claims to have been a previous contestant on the American version of the series revealed that the same rules applied to competitors in the US.

“They do not test for drugs but they do conduct a pretty thorough background check and medical evaluation should you make it past the semi-finals,” he wrote.

“Having things like unpaid tickets or some sort of criminal history could affect your chances as well.” 

This article first published on New Idea.

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