Grandmother, 94, found to have rare ‘lobster claw’ feet

She even knits for her grandchildren! WARNING: SHOCKING IMAGES
BMJ Case Reports

A 94-year-old grandmother who suffers from a rare condition, leaving her with ‘lobster claw’ feet, still knits for her grandchildren.

The elderly woman needed medical care for a urinary tract infection, but baffled doctors when she presented with severe hand and foot deformities.

According to the medical journal BMJ Case Reports, her appearance was suggestive of ‘split hand, split foot malformation’, which is a rare congenital condition.

The conditions affects only one in 18,000 people and can randomly occur in the womb.

BMJ Case Reports
(Credit: BMJ Case Reports)

‘She had no syndromic features and had lived without support or assistance of her daily activities,’ the report reads.

‘A keen knitter, she regularly knitted for her three grandchildren, all of which, along with her son, were unaffected by this condition.’

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