Jaw-dropping video shows shark getting INSIDE a shark cage with diver

Never going in the ocean again!

Have you ever looked at swimmers in shark cages and wondered if they’re really that safe? Well a video has gone viral showing that – uh – no they’re probably not that safe!

The video, posted on YouTube and shared by Bondi Rescue’s Reidy, shows a lot of thrashing in the water as a great white shark lunges at chunks of tuna near the boat. The caption on the video explains that while it looks like the shark attacks the cage, this isn’t actually what happened.

‘These awesome sharks are biting at large chunks of tuna tied to a rope. When a great white shark lunges and bites something, it is temporarily blinded. They also cannot swim backwards. So this shark lunged at the bait, accidentally hit the side of the cage, was most likely confused and not able to swim backwards, it thrust forward and broke the metal rail of the cage.’

Ok so maybe the shark wasn’t going for the diver inside the cage but it still BROKE THROUGH METAL.

The most horrifying moment is when the shark lunges up through the top of the shark cage, clearly bloodied and scratched and swims away. What follows are a desperate few seconds when it’s not clear how the diver is after getting up close and personal with the frantic fish.

Thankfully he eventually emerges to a round of applause, clearly shaken but not hurt in any way.

The YouTuber adds: ’The boat owner, captain, and crew are to be commended for making what could’ve been a tragic event into a happy ending. I’m sure God and luck had a bit to do with it too!’

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