Serial rapist freed from jail early and rapes two teenagers

This is horrific.

A serial rapist who had his life sentence lifted in the UK has been jailed in France after raping two teenage schoolgirls. 

Francis Kelly was described as a danger to women by a psychiatrist when he was locked up for serious sex crimes in 1999, and despite a report saying he was likely to reoffend, three judges cut his sentence short.

The Sunday Mail reports Kelly, 47, was freed from a UK prison and later breached his parole by traveling to France. 

While in France, Kelly raped a 13-year-old girl of the woman he was dating, and another girl, aged 10, within a year of each other.

He has now been sentenced to 16 years behind bars for these new offences. 

One of the young girl’s mothers has said, ‘The judges who reduced Francis’ sentence made a terrible mistake. If he had been serving a life sentence, he would not have been able to come to France and commit crimes here.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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