School principal blasts the Coles Little Shop promotion

Kids were stealing and fighting over it!

A school principal has banned Coles’ wildly popular Little Shop toys after children began stealing and fighting over them.

Peter Adams, principal of Pascoe Vale Primary School in Victoria, labelled the collectable promotion ‘genius and an absolute disgrace’.

He told the Herald Sun he asked children and parents to leave the toys at home to avoid the ridiculous quarrelling.

‘We’ve had several who say theirs have been stolen or lost and we can’t tell which one, which causes angst for parents,’ he told the publication.

In the school newsletter, he recommended parents not allow children to bring the Little Shop items to school at all.

The hysteria surrounding the supermarket giant’s latest promotion has made waves around the country.

Coles was initially criticised for releasing the plastic toys only days after banning single-use bags.

Desperate mums have also been seen lining up outside of the grocery stores to beg other shoppers to hand over their Little Shop Collectables.

Shoppers are given one collectable for every $30 they spend in the store but they can be found on eBay priced up to $1000 for the entire set in the special display case.

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