Samuel Johnson announces devastating update on his sister Connie

‘This is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face.’

Samuel Johnson has confirmed that his younger sister Connie has entered hospice and is in the process of “actively dying.”

The Aussie actor took to the Love Your Sister Facebook page to announce that Connie would be switching off from social media as her long battle with terminal cancer comes to an end.  

“Con’s needed a lot of quiet time lately to try and comprehend the total headf***er that ‘actively dying’ brings,” he wrote.

“No phones, no social media – all too overwhelming right now.”

Added Johnson: “She just rang from the Hospice… and admitted that this is the most difficult thing she’s ever had to face, but in true Connie style she’s been colouring in to keep the nasty thoughts at bay! She said to tell you that there’s life in the old dog yet.”

The Molly star also shared a snap the mother-of-two had sent him of the view from her hospital room.


The news comes just two weeks after Samuel penned an emotional tribute to his sibling, thanking her for being such an important part of his life.

“Thanks for teaching me that now can still be awesome, even when you’ve so nearly run out of now and have no more real awesome left,” the Gold Logie winner wrote on Facebook.

“I wish I could soften your pain, or lessen your fear or give you something tangible, but tangible clearly isn’t in season.

“I’m proud to walk you to the hardest part of the road. The end.

“The only part of the road in your life that must sadly be travelled alone. 

“Chin up please, amidst the growing dark my girl. Shoulders back. Stand tall through that savage march, stand big and tall, dear sister, for you have lived a life to be proud of.

“You’ve loved well, and you’ve been loved well which is all that really matters in the end, I suspect,” he said.

Connie has terminal, late-stage breast cancer and recently decided to end all treatment after battling with various forms of the disease on and off since she was 11 years old.

This article first published on New Idea.

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