Girl bitten 43 times by mosquitos wins an award for it

This has to be the weirdest competition ever...

A 9-year-old girl received 43 mosquito bites to be crowned ‘tastiest girl’ in a bizarre festival in Russia.

The town of Berezniki in Russia has perhaps one of the weirdest annual festivals we have ever heard of! The Russian Mosquito Festival is held every summer in the small town amidst the Ural Mountains.

Among the competitions are the mosquito costume contest, dancing to mosquito-themed music, mosquito ‘squeak’ contest, and yes – who can get bitten the most by mosquitoes.

In a scene that makes our skin crawl, Irina Ilyukhina, walked into the forest with her skin bared – intent on getting her blood sucked by the airborne insects. When she came out covered with the most bites of all she was declared the most delicious.

The very thought has us itching in our seats!

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