Woman finds out price of her Secret Santa gift and demands a more expensive one!

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
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An office worker rudely researched the price of her Secret Santa gift and asked her colleague to get her a more expensive present.

Posting to Reddit, an anonymous man claims his co-worker texted him after they exchanged Secret Santa presents in the office, demanding he get her a better present or give her cash.

The man explained the office had a $50 limit – so he gave the woman a box of chocolates and a blanket.

He then posted a string of text messages showing his colleague, who is also a mother, bluntly request a more expensive present.

The text message exchange (Credit: Reddit)

‘So… I know this is kinda awkward… but the spending limit was $50 and I looked online and it seems that the blanket and chocolates only add up to about $30?’ the woman said.

‘Do you think it’s possible you could get me something else? My kids have been spending me up the wazoo! LOL,’ she wrote in the message.’

The Reddit user then kindly offered to cough up $20 cash to make up the difference – but his rude colleague pushed her luck, asking for a $120 tablet instead.

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‘My kids would love it, thanks,’ she wrote.

When the gifter rightfully refused, the woman grew furious.

‘You’re an engineer and make quite a bit more than I do,’ she added. ‘I’d also just take $120 cash if that makes it easier on you!’

‘[You’re] kidding me right? You don’t even have kids. What else would you spend your money on?’

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The heated exchange continued, with the woman calling her colleague ‘disgusting’, before backtracking and asking for the original $20 in cash.

He then revoked the offer, writing: ‘Lol forget it. Thanks for the karma.’


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