Royal family hunting ‘palace mole’ who leaked details about Meghan and Kate feud

Someone's on the naughty list!
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The royal family are reportedly on the hunt for a ‘palace mole’ who has been leaking scandalous details from inside Kensington Palace.

Rumours have been bubbling about growing ‘hostility’ between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle – and it seems the royals want to silence the alleged double agent.

According to The Sun, the palace has launched an investigation into the source of the damaging leaks.

The worst of the rumours was that Kate and Meghan’s strained relationship is causing a rift between brothers Prince Harry and Prince William. 

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There has also been talk of the newly-minted Duchess of Sussex being ‘difficult’ and causing tension among her royal staff.

Meghan reportedly reduced Kate to tears during a fitting of Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress before her May wedding and allegedly forced her former PA Melissa Toubati to resign.

A royal aide also described the 37-year-old as ‘downright rude’.

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