After three years, a stranger’s phone call reunited two long lost friends.

Searching everywhere, a kind stranger's call reunited Giorgi and Jorge.

Three years ago, Giorgi Bereziani lost his beloved dog Jorge.

Since then Giorgi has plastered light posts with missing pet signs and walked the streets searching for his pup.

Even with no luck, Giorgi never gave up and constantly looked for his best mate. 

But last month the 62-year-old answered a phone call from an opera house worker saying that a dog, which looked like his, was wondering around outside his shop front. 

Dropping everything Giorgi ran to the scene where he saw a black and white dog huddled under a tree.

Calling his name, the dog sat up and wagged its tail.

Sniffing Giorgi the dog began to whimper, clearly recognising his owner.

‘Jorge is that you?’ Giorgi asked ‘How are you boy?’.

Captured and shared on ViralHog, Giorgi never gave up and was finally reunited with Jorge three years later.

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