Rescuers say the Thai boys were drugged with KETAMINE as incredible new footage is released

They were sedated in order to get them out of the complex cave system
Thai Navy Seals Facebook

An incredible new video from the Thai Navy Seals Facebook page shows how complex the operation was to get the stranded football team from the cave they were trapped in.

In the footage, the rescuers are seen weaving the boys are stretchers through deep pools of water that are as murky as coffee.

The conditions are cramped and the team are seen working seamlessly to release the boys.

The footage has emerged after some rescuers claim the boys were drugged in order to free them from the cave.

‘I was told the boys were given a dose of ketamine to keep them calm,’ said a British rescue diver to the Daily Mail.

Fernando Raigal, a Spanish diver who took part in the rescue, also told the Mail: ‘The boys were sedated – they were unconscious.’

However, Prayut Chan-o-Cha the prime minister of Thaland, has denied this to be true.

The 12 boys and their coach spent over two weeks tapped in the cave after becoming stuck when rain water filled the complex cave system they were exploring.

After worldwide assistance from divers and the hard work of the Thai Navy Seals, all 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach are now recovering from their ordeal in hospital.

Sadly, rescuer Samarn Kunan died on Friday after running out of oxygen trying to bring supplies and help to the boys. 

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