Thrifty mum reveals clever solution for last minute Halloween costume

It only cost $7

A thrifty mum has revealed a clever hack for a Halloween costume for her 10-week-old bub that set her back just $7.

Rather than splashing crazy amounts of cash, Facebook user, Kristy West, has come up with a clever solution for saving money at the checkout when it comes to last minute Halloween costumes.

After noticing the adorable costumes designed for pets, West decided to dress her little boy in the pumpkin outfit, sharing the seriously cute results on the online group, Kmart Mums Australia.

Facebook- Kristy West
(Credit: Facebook – Kristy West)

‘For Halloween my 10-week-old son is wearing the pumpkin costume from the pet section in Kmart and it fits perfectly,’ she captioned the photo.

Since then, the picture has attracted likes and comments from parents across the country who intend to snap up the bargain for their own children.

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