Prince Louis’ birth certificate has been released – and there’s a big difference!

There is a reason why.
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Prince Louis’ birth certificate has been released and it has one major difference to that of older siblings Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

The text on Louis’ birth certificate was typed, while Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s were handwritten. 

Though the writing on the birth certificates is one major difference, the rest of the details are almost exactly the same. Louis’ birth was registered in the London district of Westminster, as were George and Charlotte’s.

All three certificates are signed by Prince William himself, as well as a registrar from the Westminster register office.
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The reason the third royal baby’s birth certificate is typed is presumably because previous Westminster deputy registrar Alison Cathcart received death threats over her ‘messy handwriting’ on Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s birth certificates.

In a 2014 interview with the Daily Mail, she said: ‘I got death threats. One person said their cat had better handwriting, someone called for me to be fired and someone even said I was illiterate.’ 

She added: ‘Let’s just say I had to have more than one attempt. What can I say? It was a very hot day and I was flustered and trying to fill this thing in with Prince William sitting beside me.’ 

Louis’ document has been typed up which may have been an attempt to avoid a similar situation. 

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