Prince George surprises supermarket workers (and his mum Kate Middleton) with this act

Gorgeous George!
Prince George stunned Waitrose workers. CREDIT: Getty

Prince George of Cambridge has developed a reputation for being a cheeky little chappy with an adorable sense of humour and straight talking attitude.

But despite his mischievous manner, the future King is growing up an out and out gentleman if recent reports are anything to by!

The eldest son of Prince William and Kate Middleton stunned Waitrose supermarket workers by helping his dad carry deliveries into the Cambridge family home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

Five-year-old George greets the food delivery truck outside his house before taking bags inside with the Duke of Cambridge, reports.

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The down-to-earth act has been praised by Waitrose staff who told The Sun: “It is rare for anyone to ever offer to carry deliveries inside.

“George is always particularly helpful and is the one who asks each time what he can carry for them. He is a very inquisitive child.

“It shows how down-to-earth William is and that he wants his son to grow up being polite and helpful to others.”

George, who is big brother to four-year-old Princess Charlotte and one-year-old Prince Louis, is known for his hilarious quips to more senior members of his family.

The little Prince reportedly asked his uncle Prince Harry, “Why are you so quiet?” when he was waiting to greet former US president Barack Obama.

But while Prince George is the oldest, little sister Charlotte is most definitely the boss.

Recent footage of the Cambridge children inspecting their mother’s exhibit at the 2019 Chelsea Flower Show showed the tiny Princess playfully bossing the future King of England around!

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In the footage, an excitable Princess Charlotte can be seen taking off her shoes to follow older brother George into a creek, before adorable exclaiming “Ooh la la!”. 

At one point, the sweet footage captured a bossy Charlotte being asked by father Prince William if she could help George, to which she quickly responds “No”, and merrily skips on by. 

In the short but sweet video, the young royal is also seen yelling, “George! Quicker, George!”


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