Pregnant teen dies in tragic bathtub drowning

So sad.

A pregnant teenager took a relaxing bath but suffered a sudden epileptic fit, which caused her to slip beneath the water where she tragically drowned.

Meg Walsh, 19, had been diagnosed with epilepsy at 4 years old but managed the condition with medication, her sister Jemma told 9 News.

However once she had fallen pregnant, the seizures became more frequent, a result of the hormonal changes in her body causing her medication to be less effective.

‘When she fell pregnant, the medication started going through her body a lot quicker and they could not get the seizures under control,’ says Jemma.

‘The absent seizures would last about 20 seconds. Her whole body would go stiff and she would have this awful stare.’


Meg was having a bath at a friends house, who decided to check on her after she didn’t respond to a knock on the bathroom door.

‘I open the door and there she is lifeless in my bath tub. Cold, white, unresponsive, not breathing, blue lips, dead weight,’ she told 9 News.

‘It was traumatising.’

Jemma has said in honour of her late sister’s memory she is going to name her baby one of the names Meg had picked out for her bub

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