Woman’s astonishingly rare condition meant she fell pregnant from anal sex

A doctor explains how it happened.

It is a pretty reasonable assumption that it is impossible to fall pregnant from anal sex – it’s simply a matter of biology. One doctor, however, has a case study that boggled the mind.

A urologist with The Jersey Urology group, named Brian Steixner, has claimed that while he was in med school he witnessed the impossible, reports this New York Post article.

He says that one night a pregnant woman arrived at emergency complaining of spotting. While not uncommon during pregnancy, the spotting was in fact coming from her rear. This gave the doctors cause to worry.

Under further examination it was revealed that the woman had been born with a rare defect that meant her urethra, vaginal canal, and rectum all led to one opening – called a cloaca.

The condition is called cloacal malformation. It occurs in roughly one in 25,000 female births and is usually corrected with surgery during infancy.

In this woman’s case the surgery appeared to have been unsuccessful to the point where she couldn’t have fallen pregnant through vaginal intercourse.

Moreover, she admits to have having anal sex leading up to her discovering she was pregnant leaving doctors having to conclude that she had fallen pregnant from anal sex.

He says that despite the unconventional conception, the pregnancy went well and the baby was born via caesarean.

Brian Steixner explains that the surgery to repair a cloaca leaves the area looking relatively normal – so it’s unlikely the woman had any reason to expect her unique arrangement!

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