PREGNANCY gives mum painful acne

She'd always had clear skin

An Aussie mum has spoken out after she was left with painful red acne when she fell pregnant.

Sarah Boyd, 32, from Sunshine West, Vic, was three months’ pregnant when she first noticed her skin changing.

‘My face had started to get greasy,’ she said. ‘At six months, I had bright red bumps on my chin a forehead,’ said Sarah.

The expectant mum, who’d never had skin problems before, discovered she was suffering from pregnancy acne.

‘While some expectant mums find their skin suddenly glows, my skin had reacted badly to hormonal skin changes,’ Sarah explained.

As Sarah’s bump grew bigger, her problem skin got worse. When people started to ask, ‘Is your face okay?’ Sarah wanted to hide away.

‘I don’t normally wear much make-up but I found myself covering myself with concealer,’ said Sarah.

Sarah’s acne was red and bumpy. (Credit: Supplied)

When her baby Layn, now six months, was born, Sarah hoped it would be the end of her problem skin, but it wasn’t the case.

‘The bumps were sore and spread up my cheeks. I should have been enjoying precious time with my baby but instead I was shying away,’ said Sarah.

Finding herself avoiding being in photos with her new bub, Sarah decided to take action and booked an appointment with a dermatologist who started a treatment called Kleresca.

Twice a week for six weeks a gel was applied to Sarah’s skin and she sat under an LED light for nine minutes. The treatment aimed to kill bacteria and help Sarah’s skin heal.

‘After a few sessions I saw a real improvement. Five months on my skin is so much better and my confidence is back,’ said Sarah.

Sarah with baby Layn today. (Credit: Supplied)

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