POOL WARNING: Toddler climbs gate in seconds

Shock wake up call over gate safety

Horrified mum shared video to help save lives

A shocked mum has shared a video of her two-year-old son climbing a gate to the family’s pool area in seconds.

Wendy Atkinson was stunned when her cheeky toddler Brodie scaled the gate, before opening the latch and swinging through.

Luckily, the pool has yet to be built.

After Brodie first climbed the gate, Wendy, 38, told him off.

But when he started again, she decided to film him as a warning to other parents.

“This video shows he can scale and open the gate in 21 seconds unassisted – no chairs, tables or bikes to stand on,’ she wrote in a Facebook post.

She added: “I refuse to have another child drown before every parent has had a chance for my beautiful 2 year old son to educate them.” 

Wendy, a mum-of-four from Adelaide, said the family had put off building their pool until Brodie was a strong swimmer.

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