Poisoned by a parma: Melbourne bloke loses 8 kilos in 72 hours after horror food poisoning

Poor guy!
7 News

A young man nearly died after a severe bout of food poisoning he believed to have been caused by a chicken parmigiana he ate 36 hours earlier.


19-year-old almost died after eating parmigiana
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19-year-old Liam Steele had to be placed on life support after symptoms of food poisoning caused him to suffer through muscle convulsions and kidney failure, reports 7 News

In the 72 hours after being admitted to hospital Liam lost 8 kilos. His father says that Liam is a fit and active young man, which likely helped him overcome the illness:

’Had he been much younger or much older I don’t think he would’ve been here,’

The local Manningham council investigated the Doncaster restaurant and were unable to find evidence of salmonella, and will not take further legal action.

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