Piers Morgan labels magazine editor as ‘dangerous’ after featuring a plus-size model on their cover

He accused the editor of celebrating morbid obesity
Good Morning Britain/ Cosmopolitan UK

A British breakfast show host has accused a magazine of ‘celebrating morbid obesity’ after featuring a plus-size model on their cover.

This month, Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK features Tess Holliday as its cover star. Standing at 160cm tall and weighing approximately 134 kilos, the 33-year-old mum-of-one isn’t a conventional cover girl. 

On the TV show Good Morning Britain, host Piers Morgan has described the magazine as ‘dangerous’ saying it’s promoting obesity.

‘The magazine hopes Tess’ story and image will help and inspire readers. I’m not sure what they will be inspired to be other than 300lbs. My view of this is that, as with the size zero stick insect models that get paraded around, is that it’s dangerous,’ said Piers.

(Credit: Piers Morgan labelled the cover ‘dangerous’)

In a debate with the magazine’s editor Farrah Storr, he accused her of ‘celebrating morbid obesity.’

But she denied this to be true, saying they were simply celebrating Tess.

‘We have a crisis with mental health and people worried about body image. This is one cover,’ Farrah replied.

Holding up the magazine she added, ‘Am I saying it’s okay to look like this? Yes I am.’

(Credit: Cosmo editor Farrah Storr defended her choice of cover model)

Soon after the debate aired, Tess Holliday also weighed in, referencing the fact that Piers Morgan said that obese people are a strain on the UK’s tax payer-funded National Health Service.

The full fiery debate between Piers Morgan and Cosmo editor Farrah Storr can be viewed below.

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