Instagram pulls photo after disabled boy’s facial deformity is reported

The mother who posted the photo of her son is outraged at Instagram.

A mother was left outraged after Instagram removed a photo of her son, that had been reported due to his facial deformity. 

Harry Beswick, 12, was born without a left eye, eye socket, nostril or ear, as a result of Goldenhar syndrome. 

His mother, Charlie Beswick runs a parenting blog and Instagram account where she frequently shares images of Harry and his twin, Oliver.

With over 12,000 followers, Charlie’s posts are said to generally receive a positive response. However, Charlie was left outraged after Instagram removed an image of Harry without his prosthetic eye.

Charlie took to twitter in protest, gaining almost 100,000 retweets. 

According to Instagram’s guidelines, photos deemed to be ‘inappropriate for a diverse audience’ including those of nudity, celebrating terrorism and supporting self harm, can be banned. Content that discriminates, bullies and harasses anyone can also be banned. 

“Instagram are happy to show all sorts but not my son’s face apparently when someone complains,” Charlie wrote on twitter.

Instagram has since restored the image. 

“We mistakenly removed the photo, but quickly restored it as soon as the mistake was brought to our attention,” a spokesperson for the app said. 

“We have apologised to the family.”

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