Mum of six who paid for family holiday called ‘stingy’ by her son, 22

It was after she asked him to buy his own lunches

A Perth mum has been branded ‘stingy’ by her adult child after she asked them to buy their own lunches on a family holiday she’d paid for. 

Posting on the popular Facebook group Perth Mums Group, she asked for some honest feedback from fellow mums regarding the situation.

She explained that she and her husband had taken all six of their children, ranging in age from 16 to 27, on a dream trip to Phuket in Thailand.

‘We have paid for flights, accommodation, airport, hotel transfers, travel insurance and a day trip to Ph Phi island,’ she wrote.

The holiday includes a buffet breakfast and she generously offered to buy dinner every night too, but the mum did ask her one thing of her grown up children.

‘We explained to all the adult kids that they have to bring their own spending money and they have to buy their own food on the plane and their own lunches while we’re there,’ she said.

The Perth mum’s post in full (Credit: Perth Mums Group Facebook)

It was after this that her 22 year old labelled her stingy.

‘He said to me today that I’m stingy because I’m not paying for lunches… although just about everything is paid for.’ she wrote. ‘I’d like some honest feedback please.’

The later added that her adult child does have a job and that they’s discussed the extras before booking the holiday.

Other mums on the Facebook group were shocked by her post, labelling her grown up child a ‘spoilt brat’.

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