Sydney restaurant BANS kids from using iPads, phones or colouring books

The owner wants parents to "engage with their children"
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A Sydney restaurant owner has taken the drastic step of banning kids from using iPhones, iPads or even colouring in books.

Attila Yilmaz, who owns Pazar Food Collective in Canterbury, Sydney, wants parents to ‘engage with their children’ and for families to be more ‘involved with the food and experience.’

Mr Yilmaz said he is tired of seeing children – and adults too – burying their nose in a device instead of enjoying the experience of dining out.

‘There have been times when in our front dining room (seats 65 guests) has been illuminated by the glow of up to 12 devices. The children aren’t interested in the food and at times barely even eat (We also hate waste),’ he wrote in a post on Facebook.

‘Activity back packs with colouring books, building blocks, board games and puzzles strewn across the tables before we can even offer a menu and at times a blanket on the floor under the table so the children have a place to play, nap or hide the McDonalds or Nando’s that the parents smuggled in.

Not to mention texta and crayon marks all over the tables and toys, building blocks etc thrown onto the floor or onto other diners tables.’

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In order to not alienate customers with children, Pazar is offering free dinner for children under five for bookings between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Mr Yilmaz says the ban will also apply to adults, as well as noisy children.

‘We appreciate your photos and of our food and doing it for the ‘gram’ but seriously your need for extra lighting, flash photography and standing on a chair to get ‘the perfect shot’ is not appreciated by the table next to you or the kitchen. Please eat your dinner whilst it is hot,’ he added.

Pazar Food Collective
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It’s not the first time a Sydney restaurant has tried to eliminate phones from the menu.

Woolloomooloo’s Contact Bar and Kitchen offers a free glass of wine for anyone who can go the entire meal without looking at a device.

Bistecca in the CBD also asks diners to ‘surrender’ their phone upon entry.

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