Parents’ outrage after Year 10 kids given bizarre ‘drug’ assignment

How did this happen?

A Victorian high school was forced to pull a Year 10 assignment after parents discovered their children were being asked to create appealing packaging for illegal drugs. 

Speaking to 3AW, a parent of a student at Rosehill Secondary School, said he was horrified when his son asked him for help with the assignment. 

‘He was asking me the cost of drugs and I couldn’t answer. It’s not like we have drug dealers in our home to call and ask these absurd questions,’ the anonymous father said.

He said his son had even started to figure out how much money he would stand to make if he did sell the drug.

The piece of paper describing the assignment was photographed and posted online where it has sparked widespread concern for the students who were asked to:

‘Create the packaging for an illegal drug of your choice’ including cost, ‘information on how the drug is taken and how regularly’, and ‘the effects short and long term good and bad.’

The school principal, Peter Rouse, told Daily Mail Australia that given the school’s strong anti-drug stance, and after concern from parents, the project has been cancelled.

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