Parents outrage after sunscreen leaves kids with severe burns

Blame aimed at this popular brand of sun block.

Danielle Batten was horrified to learn that her five-year-old had suffered first-degree burns after playing in the sun – despite having been covered in 50+ sunscreen.


The burns were so severe that her girl cannot sleep, and has to have her dressings changed at the hospital.


Danielle was surprised as she considered Banana Boat one of the top brands in sunscreen.


‘It’s all over the TV how good it is but look what it’s doing to people,’ she told


Danielle is not the only parent concerned about the brand.


Kirsty Hellmech says her nine-year-old was severely burned after 45 minutes in the sun while camping at Rainbow Beach, just before Christmas.


She says she used Banana Boat because she believed it to be a good brand of sunscreen.


‘We couldn’t go down to the beach and we very nearly cut our holiday short. When you’re sunburnt it’s not nice to go out in the sun and she was undercover for the next five days.’


Her son was also badly burned and developed blisters on his face.


‘I broke down. You try to do the right thing as a parent and kids end up getting hurt anyway. Something needs to be done about this,’ she says.


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Families are calling for the product to undergo rigorous testing before being available for sale. However the Banana Boat regionals vice president Ivan Nuich says they’ve never had a problem before:


‘It may seem like there are a lot of complaints but we have sold millions of sunscreens each year to many satisfied customers’


Despite reassurances from the company, some customers say they’ll never use the brand again.


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