Outrage as cinema worker refuses to serve ‘skinny bitches’ diet soft drink

This is so dangerous.

A story making the rounds online has caused outrage after a cinema employee claimed to serve regular Coke to ‘skinny bitches’ who order the diet version.

Horrified, a Tumblr user shared the image saying exactly why employees must never ignore dietary requests from customers.

‘DO NOT DO THIS,’ wrote the author of the blog TheForceKeepers.

They then go on to explain why this isn’t just a matter of superficial people wanting to keep calories down, but could cause real harm to people with health conditions.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic,’ they say.

‘If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.’

The post has now been shared and liked 700,000 times with people adding their own horror stories of service staff ignoring their dietary requests – sometimes with horrific results. 

‘I’m very sensitive to lactose,’ blogger kimchicutie commented, explaining that stomach ulcers mean eating any dairy can cause agonising cramps.

‘A couple years ago I went to Starbucks right after my classes with some friends and asked for a green tea latte with soy milk.

‘The barista, for some reason out of malice and/or hate for her life so she took it out on me, gave me whole milk in my latte’

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Within minutes of taking a sip it became obvious there was dairy in the drink.

‘It felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife and twisted it. Now I’ve had this happen before so I knew the cause of it.’

Complaining to the barista they claim to have been called ‘pretentious’ for ordering soy, before the barista’s manager came over and fired them on the spot for negligence.

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While not everyone had a story, many shared the post to raise awareness that this is not okay.

Tumblr user theearthbendingravenclaw summed it up perfectly:


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