Outrage as nail salon charges overweight people more for pedicures

The handwritten sign has caused a stir...
Facebook - Deshania Ferguson

A nail salon has caused outrage after introducing a surcharge for overweight people.

Rose Nails, in Memphis, USA, usually charges $30 for pedicures but, on a sign posted to Facebook, they said it would be $45 for overweight people due to a ‘service fee’.

Disgruntled customer, Deshania, Ferguson, shared a photo of the sign on Facebook. ‘So rude,’ she wrote.

But after the post was shared hundreds of times, she said the salon was pretending the surcharge never existed.

‘They took the sign down and denied ever having it up…. pictures are worth a thousand words,’ she posted on Facebook.

When approached by Tennessee news station WREG, the salon owner, Son Nguyen, denied the sign was in his salon.

However he did confirm that he has decided to just not service someone if they are severely overweight.

According to WREG, he claimed it was difficult for technicians to give pedicures to overweight people and they had broken his chairs, which cost around $2000, before.

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