One-of-a-kind wedding ring moved us to tears

Grab your tissues!

This lovely husband carries a piece of his wife with him everywhere he goes.

Posting anonymously to Reddit, he shared a photograph of his wedding band, which is emblazoned with his beloved’s fingerprint.

Capturing the hearts of tens of thousands of people, he’s inspired other Reddit users to share their own moving stories.

‘After my husband passed, I got a necklace with his ashes in it and his fingerprint on the back. It’s my most precious possession. I even wear it to bed,’ a widow responded.

‘Your ring is lovely and I wish you two a very long and blissful marriage!’

Heartbreakingly, a girl with terminal brain cancer wrote: ‘Your post has brought tears to my eyes.

‘I’m going to have fingerprint charms made for my mum and sisters and a ring for my brother.

‘It’s so hard to know I must leave the people I love, and it’s comforting to know they’ll have a tiny piece of me with them forever.’

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