BREAKING NEWS: Needles in strawberries are back

The shocking food terrorism epidemic is far from over.

Another case has now been reported of a needle being imbedded in a piece of fruit

The latest incident happened in Melbourne, when stay-at-home mum Jessikah Davis’ daughter, Ameliah, 9, discovered there was a needle in her strawberry.

The school student was “shaken up” after she’d bitten into the fruit and was struck by the sharp object.

Ms Davis says she bought the item – a packet of strawberries by Australian Strawberry Distributors – from Woolworths, in Seaford, Victoria.

needle in strawberry
This is just one of over 100 strawberries that have had needles found in them. (Credit: Supplied)

Telling the Daily Mail, the mum said, “I couldn’t believe it. She pulled the needle out and showed me. It was huge.”

“You could see the little mark on the roof of her mouth where it had pricked her. She said it hurt her a little bit, and was more shocked than anything.”

Jim Ripepi from Australian Strawberry Distributors has shared his concerns about the latest incident, explaining, “Due to the needle contamination recently in QLD, we have needed to install metal detectors in our packing shed.”

“All ASD products are now being scanned through metal detectors and we are confident these issues are happening elsewhere within the supply chain.”

(Credit: Getty Images)

Australia was rocked when over 100 strawberries had been contaminated with needles.

The incidents have been since been branded an act of terror. 

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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