The murderer so dangerous she’s been moved to an all-male prison

The ’Ice Cream Killer' kept her victim’s bodies in the freezer.

Back in 2012, a woman was arrested for the murders of two men, whose remains she had kept in the freezers at the basement of her ice cream parlour. 


Estibaliz Carranza shot both men with the same gun in 2008, and chopped up their bodies with a chainsaw before hiding their remains in the parlour in Austria. She had even told neighbours that the sound of the gunshots was from a new ice cream machine she was using.


Her motivation to kill was because she desperate for a child, and the men failed to impregnate her. She made headlines for the strange case, and became known as the ‘ice cream killer’. 


Carranza has been in prison since 2012, and strangely, she found out that she was pregnant from a new lover the morning that she got arrested.


She eventually gave birth in a secure mental institute, and the son was sent to his father.


Now, The Sun reports that Carranza has been considered so dangerous that she will serve out the rest of her sentence in an all-male prison. The prison is home to 91 male inmates, and 13 more female inmates will soon join them after Carranza.


During her time in prison, she wrote a memoir called My Two Lives: The True Story of the Ice Lady, telling the story of how she killed and disposed of the men’s remains.


She also said in a 2014 interview that she regrets her actions.


‘My actions have destroyed my life and dreams. I have a son and knowing how much he means to me has shown me how much I took away from two other mothers.’


‘I would only want one wish – and that would be to change what happened.’


This article originally appeared on Marie Claire.

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