Murdered mum and daughters were ‘tucked in bed’ when found

Police believe it was a targeted attack
Facebook - Kylie Pifer

A mother and her two teenager daughters were found murdered in their home ‘tucked in bed’ together.

Suzanne Taylor, 45, was found beside her daughters, Taylor Pifer, 21 and Kylie Pifer, 19, in their Ohio home under the covers, detective Dave Loeding told People.

In what police are calling a targeted attack, they said they believed the daughters were killed in another part of the home before being moved into their mother’s bed.

Kylie and Taylor Pifer (Credit: Facebook – Kylie Pifer)

Ms Taylor appeared to have died after sustaining a knife wound while her daughters’ causes of death remain unknown.

‘[We] feel confident that all the things we’re doing are going to turn into a positive outcome,’ detective Loeding said.

Investigations are continuing.

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