Mum furious after her 7-year-old is ‘forced to sit on the floor’ for being late to school

Her daughter was 'hysterical'.
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Lauren Rowe, a London mother, has been left ‘furious’ after her seven-year-old daughter was allegedly ‘forced to sit on the floor’ during her recess after arriving late to school. 

Taking to the Facebook page Kensal Rise W10, Rowe asked for advice after the youngster was allegedly ‘shamed’ for being 15 minutes late.

She told how her daughter Sienna was ‘hysterical in panic’ on her way to class on Monday morning because she was worried what would happen after their bus journey was delayed due to heavy traffic.

Mother-of-two Lauren said, ‘As per the new protocol my child was collected infront of her friends and told that she wasn’t having her break. 

‘She was then made to sit on the floor in the hall and when she stood up she was immediately told to sit down.’ 

Lauren, who said she was just 15 minutes late, told MailOnline: ‘They came and collected her in front of her friends, they told her she wasn’t going to have her break that day and they took her in front of the hall.’

After sharing her ordeal on Facebook she received dozens of replies from fellow parents who branded the alleged policy ‘awful’ and ‘disgusting’.

One commenter wrote, ‘You are rightfully furious, this is ridiculous,’ with another adding, ‘Not on at all. Break time is for running around and being with friends.’ 

Lauren added that her daughter had ‘burst into tears’ at the end of the school day and that she had spoken to the headteacher.  

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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