Aussie working mum’s candid post moves hearts: ‘He needs me and I should be with him’

Kat’s little boy has Down syndrome and she’s determined to give him a future he deserves.
Instagram/Kat Abianac

An Australian mother, whose little boy has Down syndrome, has penned a poignant post about the reality of being a working mum.

Kat Abianac, who juggles her work as the owner of a social media company with caring for her son, Parker, five, shared the candid post to Facebook.

Scores of mothers were moved by her words and offered their support.

Kat Abianac 1
(Credit: Instagram/Kat Abianac)

‘Every morning I’m home, my son slips his little hand in my hand and we go downstairs together,’ Kat wrote.

‘I leave for a week today. And I only just got home.

‘I’m looking into the future and pre-emptively missing him, using it as a reason to feel guilty about going, because he needs me and I should be with him.

‘He’s so little. He’s only 5. He needs me to be here, and present. Not so much time away.

mum and son
(Credit: Instagram/Kat Abianac)

‘I think back to when I worked full time. He was in full time day care, I picked him up at 6pm, bed at 7:30 and straight out the door for school the next morning.

‘But I was ‘home’ with him.’

But Kat went on to say that she’s leaving for a reason.

‘I’m leaving so I can be present, and with him.

‘I’m leaving so he doesn’t ‘need’ me as much, and has a chance to build his independence,’ she wrote.

insta post
(Credit: Instagram/Kat Abianac)

‘I’m leaving so I don’t feel as guilty about spending time away from him- it’s a muscle that needs to be flexed often to separate from the co-dependence I formed over 16 months with my little oxygen baby.

‘I’m leaving so I can continue to afford quality personalised childcare and not 12 hours a day of dump & run.

‘I’m leaving so I can give him a future he deserves at 10, 20, 30.. 70.

‘I’m leaving because short term sacrifice means long term I get everything I want in life.

‘But I’m not leaving yet. Because my sacrifice has already started to pay off in small ways.

Kat Abianac and son
(Credit: Instagram/Kat Abianac)

‘This is our quality time, and we’re spending the morning downstairs together.’

Kat’s post received hundreds of likes and scores of messages of support.

‘This is exactly what I tell myself every time I walk out the door to follow be dream of financial freedom,’ one mum wrote.

‘This makes me feel so much less guilty for leaving my 3 babies after only being home from hospital for 6 weeks,’ wrote another mum.

Kat Abianac and son 2
(Credit: Instagram/Kat Abianac)

‘I thought 4.5 months away was the worst thing I ever did. But this is for the future I am building for my babies.

‘And for myself so I can go forward and know that I have always done my best. I no longer have an “easy” path to travel but it’s one of hope and to give us the future I dream of.

‘Thank you for taking away my guilt when no one else understands.’

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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