Mum’s brilliant response when Centrelink came chasing her ‘debt’

Nice one, mum!

If you’ve ever had to deal with Centrelink you learn to recognise the familiar envelopes. Just a hint of that green print in your letterbox is enough to fill anyone with dread.


Which is what mum Kerry King must have felt when she received a letter, informing her that she had a debt Centrelink were ‘required to recover’.


She had to do a double take, however, when she saw the amount.

Centrelink letter calling in a debt for 2 cents
(Credit: Kerry King)

Yup. A whole $0.02.


A ghastly situation, which the form letter informed her Centrelink would prefer to settle ‘without taking action.’


No one would have blamed Kerry for picking up the phone and giving them an earful – if you could get through, that is.


Instead – this mum had a genius response planned.

Mum's letter and coin taped to paper
(Credit: Kerry King)

‘Please find attached amount owing 0.2 cents.’ she wrote, signing of with a pleasant ‘Merry Christmas’ and a cute Santa smiley.


Then she taped an old Aussie two cent coin to the paper.


‘I was contemplating sending them a five cent piece and asking for the change,’ she joked to Mamamia.


Nice one, mum!

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