Mum’s $7 Kmart hack takes the Internet by storm

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Courtney Frew, from Western Australia, has taken the internet by storm thanks to her ingenious Kmart hack.

The mum-of-one shared an adorable photo of her newborn, Scarlett, in the bath at home – gently floating in a self-made contraption of a pillowcase with a pool noodle helping to keep the baby afloat. 

‘Pool noodle in the pillowcase FTW!! Bubba loved floating in the bath,’ Frew posted to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, confessing she used a $3 pool noodle and an old Kmart pillowcase to create the hack. 

Social media were quick to respond to the clever contraption, with over 10,000 people having liked the post and nearly 1,000 sharing it. 

‘Great idea and perfect for the pool,’ one mother wrote. 

‘Wow, that’s a great idea and could double up as a co-sleeper,’ another added.

Admitting to DailyMail, Frew claimed she had seen the idea online in the past and wanted to share how well it had worked.

Kmart item
(Credit: Kmart)

‘I can’t take full credit as I’ve seen it before, but I just wanted to share it with the mums because as soon as I tried it I knew it was worth sharing,’ she told the publication.

‘Having a newborn in the bath is hard enough, I can struggle to support her head and fluff about with the soap and cloths,’ Mrs Frew added. ‘But she loves how the pillowcase naturally supports her body like her rocker. And I can comfortably wash her and pour water over her body while she splashes and kicks around.’ 

We suggest any new mums out there struggling with bath time give this one a go! 

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