Mum with 19 kids reveals baby 20 is on the way


The parents of the family dubbed ‘Britain’s biggest’ are expecting yet another baby after making an announcement on their Instagram page.

Sue and Noel Radford are a pair of high school sweethearts who suddenly found themselves expecting their first baby at just 14-years-old.

Planning to stop at just three children, the couple say they found raising kids to be so fulfilling they just couldn’t stop! 

The new bub is expected in September this year and will get to meet their 10 brothers and 9 sisters: Chris, 27, Sophie, 22, Chloe, 21, Jack, 19, Daniel, 17, Luke, 15, Millie, 14, Katie, 13, James, 12, Ellie, 11, Aimee, 10, Josh, nine, Max, seven, Tilly, six, Oscar, four, Casper, three and toddler Hallie.

Sue and Noel also have three grandchildren! Congratulations!

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