Vegan-obsessed mum charged with child-endangerment after baby ends up in hospital

Her boy ate only fruit and nuts!

A vegan mum has been charged after she alleged only fed her baby fruits and nuts.

Elizabeth Hawk was charged with child endangerment after her son developed a severe rash, People reports.

Hawk’s estranged husband, Jerry Hawk, became concerned when his 11-month-old son developed a severe rash from head to toe and took him a local Child and Youth Services organisation in Pennsylvania.

Hawk told officials the baby’s mother was given a cream for the rash but refused to use it.

The examining paediatrician said the baby was at risk of septic shock and that the child was developmentally delayed as a result of being malnourished.

Court records obtained by People said the baby ‘cannot crawl as a result of the malnourishment’.

Elizabeth has been released and faces a preliminary hearing on November 14, 2016.


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