Mum who live-streamed her girl’s birth officially changes her name TWO weeks later

The ‘Young Mummy’ is sharing every dramatic moment.

Sophie Cachia, also known as the Young Mummy, has made a business of sharing her journey through motherhood – warts and all.

Following the mum-of-two’s controversial decision to live-stream her 20-hour labour and birth of her daughter, she admits she was struck by doubt that ‘Betty’ was the right name for her.

Now, two weeks later, in a post on instagram the mum shares how just as she had come to terms with the name, her husband revealed he also had doubts.

‘Something about her chubby cheeks not suiting it and the feel just wasn’t right’, explains Sophie on Instagram.

The new name? Florence (which her two-year-old son has already abbreviated to Flossy).

Her fans were sympathetic – some even saying they’d also experienced name jitters and changed their babies names.

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