Mum baffled when son’s gappy grin photoshopped in school photo

'At what point did missing teeth because something to be “fixed”?'

An Aussie mum has been left baffled when she got her son’s school photos back and noticed something wasn’t quite right about his smile. 

Astonishingly, Ange Pickett’s 8-year-old son’s grin – which in real life is filled with a mix of baby teeth, gaps, and new teeth – had been replaced with a full mouth of neatly aligned pearly whites!

Getting touch with the company used by the school to take the photos, Ange said they were apologetic and sent her a set of the untouched photos.

While she believes that the culture of photoshopping photos – especially a child’s school pic – is bizarre and wrong, Ange says she’s glad she didn’t get angry:

‘I went to bed giggling,’ she writes in a post about the incident on her blog, Words by Ange.

‘I am glad I called them on it and while I heard a few similar stories from others, I feel pretty confident it’s not the norm and best of all, there didn’t seem to be anyone out there agreeing that this was a good idea.’

After sharing the story of her son’s brush with photoshop her post, and her son’s chompers, were famous!

Adding an edit to the post after she says: 

‘Who knew that a little rant about imperfect photos and memories would be shared so widely and generate such interest?’

Overall, Ange says she’s pleased at the response she has gotten because while filters and Photoshop are added to photos everywhere – an enormous amount of people still value their snaps, especially of family, to stay just as they are.

‘Sharing photos should be about sharing authentic memories – even if they are a bit messy and wrinkled!’

We couldn’t agree more!

Read the whole article at Ange’s blog:

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