‘I just sit and cry’: Mum whose son was murdered on his way home from footy

Wayne Crossingham's mum speaks out.

A grieving mother, whose son was stabbed 12 times in a frenzied attack as he returned home from a football match, has spoken of her torment. 

Opening up on the New Idea Investigates podcast, Wayne Crossingham’s mother Marjorie says she fears she’ll never know who murdered her son.

On 10 February 1993 Wayne was on his way home to his unit in Liverpool, NSW, after a footy game when he was brutally murdered.

His killer still walks the streets.

The football game, at Woodward Park, finished at 9:30pm but Wayne – a referee- stayed behind with a few other officials and socialised a while.

He left the park of foot an hour later around 10:30pm and began the five minute walk home. That walk home would be his last.

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He reached his unit block in what was normally a secure building, only on the night in question the door was in fact broken.

As he headed up the stairs to his unit, Wayne was ambushed and stabbed multiple times in the stairwell in what has been described as a frenzied attack.

‘I can’t go to his grave. Every time I go to his grave, I just break right down because I want to take him with me. I don’t want to leave him behind,’ his heartbroken mum told the New Idea Investigates podcast.

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‘We know where and we know how, but just the why? Why and who? Why it happened. Even if we found out why … But I don’t think I’ll ever see it in my lifetime.

‘I really think we won’t know in our lifetime. I always say to everybody I’m gonna go up there and see him and I’ll find out.’

Opening up about her life since her son was cruelly stolen, the devastated mum said: ‘I just sit there and cry and just ask why?

‘I used to pray and pray and he’d come and tell me why. Who did it and everything else of why. You just gotta pull yourself away from it, otherwise you just go under.’ 

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