Mum’s shock: Baby born with something VERY odd – but it’s more common than you think!

Growing pains!
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A new mum had the shock of her life after her newborn daughter arrived with an extra surprise.

Bethany Green, from Blackpool in the UK, quickly noticed something quite unusual about her baby girl, Avery.

Upon close inspection, Ms Green realised little Avery was sporting a giant tooth on her bottom gum, according to The Sun.

Avery was born with a ‘milk tooth’, which can be fully-grown while in the womb.

Most babies develop their first tooth between four and seven months of age, but a small number of babies are born with ‘natal teeth’.

It is estimated one in 2000 newborn babies arrive with ‘natal teeth’.

At only four weeks of age, Avery has already paid a visit to the dentist in her short life.

Everyone comments on it because they’ve never seen it before. Everyone at work has been taking pictures of her,’ Ms Green told the newspaper.

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